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Bitching About An Undisclosed Topic

It has been demonstrated time and time again that a perk of having a blog is that it is a very useful tool for venting.  However, I find it very difficult to be “that girl” that lays out all her woes as if it’s going to change anything. If this was a direct line to the universe and it would listen to my ramblings and miraculously pop out solutions, than absolutely.  I would vent to my heart’s content.  But alas, I am going to allude that there’s a problem worth bitching about, but internally wrestle with the fact that I have racked my brain for a resolution and still nothing.  In opening a problem to discussion it typically promotes advice from others.  But we all know I don’t actually listen to anyone unless it’s something I want to hear and act upon—therefore, defeating the purpose.  Conclusion:  I’m bitching about bitching and proving all the points stated above.  Me = not winning.

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